The Blackwing Pencil: Muse to the Masses

BlackwingThe Blackwing Pencil: Muse to the Masses

If you’ve followed along, you’ll know that those of us here at Studio 602 believe that a Blackwing pencil can be something sexy , something political , and something sporty . But it turns out we’re not the only ones who think that a pencil can be more than just a pencil when it’s a Palomino Blackwing or a Blackwing 602.

In 1981, Godiva Chocolatiers released limited-edition chocolate pencils, including a chocolate Blackwing 602 with a marzipan eraser. At $22 an ounce, a chocolate Blackwing pencil would cost more than a dozen real Blackwing pencils today, though admittedly Godiva’s version would be far more delicious.

Even Blackwing pencil stubs have inspired some pretty creative endeavors. A series of advertisements in 1966 espoused the multiple ways that a Blackwing pencil stub could be used after it had outlived its writing capabilities. One advertisement featured the advice of a housewife who told Blackwing execs that she stuck her Blackwing 602 stubs upright in her potted plants to stake new tendrils. Another advertisement quoted a professor who purportedly recommended using Blackwing 602 pencil stubs as a scraper for one’s pipe, or for counters for card games.

Today’s pencil users are equally creative when it comes to featuring the pencil in new and innovative ways. We’ve featured dozens of pencil artists who are finding new uses for pencils, including artists like Dalton Ghetti , who carves sculptures out of pencil lead itself. There are also artists like Karolin Felix , who takes pencil stubs and turn them into sweet, creative pendants and other pieces of jewelry. What they could do with a Palomino Blackwing 602 or a Palomino Blackwing … well, the mind reels.

The Blackwing pencil has been a muse, of course, to dozens of writers, composers and artists, and it continues to inspire creative types today. It would seem that the uses for pencils, from sharp to stub, are endless.

From a clever advertisement to a delicious dessert, the Blackwing pencil has inspired some pretty innovative creations. Part of the joy of being part of the Blackwing community is watching the ways that such a simple, utilitarian object can inspire such passionate engagement and innovation. We love seeing the art, poetry and music produced by your Palomino Blackwing and Blackwing 602 pencils, and look forward to the next generation of legends who make us see pencils in a completely new light.

Is your Palomino Blackwing the perfect hair-stick for your bun? Is your Blackwing 602 the perfect substitute for your usual pocket square? Are you taking a bouquet of freshly-sharpened Blackwing pencils to your next date? Post your images of the ways you use your Blackwings! Make sure to use the hashtag #blackwing so we can find your images on Twitter and Instagram.

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