THE  Faber-Castell logo  STORY

The Faber-Castell name has been associated with some of the world’s finest pencils since the early eighteenth century, when cabinet-maker Kaspar Faber began making pencils in his small shop in Ansbach, Germany. Since then, Faber-Castell has gone onto become one of Germany and the world’s premiere pencil manufacturers, creating high-quality products for writers, pencil lovers and artists of all skill levels.

During the French Revolution, while Beethoven was composing his great symphonies, through the United States Civil War and beyond, Faber-Castell pencils could be found on desks across Europe. Today, Faber-Castell products feature the same level of quality that has helped them endure for over two-hundred and fifty years.

The Castell 9000 series of pencils is perhaps their most well-known and highly-regarded product. Each Castell 9000 pencil features a premium graphite core made of a combination of finely ground graphite and clay and Faber-Castell’s signature green, gold and black finish.

Combining old-world craftsmanship with new-age design, Faber-Castell’s GRIP products, including their GRIP 2001 graphite pencils and Art GRIP aquarelle and color pencils, feature unique “grip-zone” dots designed to ensure a secure hold on the pencil.

These products, along with their art erasers, unique Trio sharpener and informative “Getting Started” kits, help make Faber-Castell one of the foremost authorities on high-quality pencils and an essential brand for any artist, writer or pencil user.


Faber Castell


“Faber-Castell makes great pencils… The quality is top notch and there are only a few other brands that come even close.”


“One of my favorite brands… Faber-Castell has always produced high quality writing instruments.”

Z. Hayes

“The Design Pencil Tin Set was a memorable gift and great investment in my kid’s creativity.”