THE Golden Bear STORY

Even in today’s age of touch screens, tablets and digitization, the pencil is still the most widely used educational tool in the world. Constancy, however, is not always synonymous with quality.

After receiving countless emails, calls and messages about the low-quality pencils in the hands of our students, Palomino decided to address the issue head on. In 2002 Palomino introduced its Golden Bear pencils to provide an alternative for pencil users who wanted a high-quality, affordable option. In 2012, they moved production of these pencils to the United States, reinforcing the idea that you do not have to sacrifice quality to keep costs low.

Palomino’s Golden Bear pencils are made in the USA out of Genuine Incense-cedar and feature high-quality graphite cores that resist breakage, making them perfect for teachers, students and everyday users. In a market flooded with low-quality, imported pencils that sharpen unevenly, break and waste precious class time, you can never underestimate the value of a quality pencil.


Golden Bear


“High quality, affordable, long lasting pencils.”

A Year in Jubilee

“I think I may need to add these new blue Golden Bears to my rotation… — it’s just a gorgeous pencil, full of color and personality.”

Andy WelfleWoodclinched