Holiday Artists to Brighten the Season

Beautiful, inspiring and sweetly nostalgic, holiday art makes this time of year seem even more magical and delightful to everyone who enjoys paintings of winter wonderlands, happy children with their presents and scenes of the Nativity.

Thomas Kinkade's "Sunset on Snowflake Lake"

Thomas Kinkade’s “Sunset on Snowflake Lake”

To enrich your holiday spirit, here are 5 holiday-related artists known for creating some of the most classically exquisite holiday art pieces that have withstood the test of time:

Thomas Kinkade

An American painter of bucolic, realistic subjects, Thomas Kinkade is one of the most popular holiday artists of contemporary times who called himself a “painter of light”. His death in 2012 sent his popularity soaring even higher, with one out of every 20 homes in the U.S. now containing at least one copy of a Kinkade painting. You can view all his Christmas and other holiday paintings on his official website.

Norman Rockwell

American illustrator and painter Norman Rockwell began creating illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post in the 1930s and quickly developed a huge and adoring following. Some of his more famous Christmas paintings include A Drum for Tommy, Santa and Scouts in Snow and Santa’s Workshop.


A 15th century Italian painter famous for his paintings of voluptuous women and mythological figures (The Birth of Venus) Botticelli also painted some of the most beautiful religious paintings in history. The Madonna of the Book and the Mystic Nativity are just a few of Botticelli’s magnificent holiday art that people still admire today.

Leonardo da Vinci

Musician, inventor, geologist, botanist and painter, Leonardo da Vinci may be one of the most talented people ever documented and is considered one of the top 10 painters of all time. Examples of da Vinci’s holiday art include the Baptism of Christ, Madonna of the Carnation and, of course, the Last Supper.


A 15th century Dutch painter who, like da Vinci, is considered one of the masters, Rembrandt contributed to the Golden Age of Dutch painting by creating sublime portraits, fascinating self-portraits and scenes depicting classical religious iconography. Rembrandt’s skill for capturing the essence of the moment are evident in holiday art such as the Raising of Lazarus, Christ Driving the Moneychanger from the Temple and Christ on the Cross.

5 Contemporary holiday artists to brighten your holidays:

Jane Small: Winter Nightfall

Leon Zernitsky: Christmas Snowman

Shawna Erback: Heaven’s Brightest Star

Bob Orsillo: Toy Soldiers Nutcracker

Carlos Caetano: Christmas Tree Detail

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