THE Kitaboshi STORY

Located in Katsushika, Japan, the Kitaboshi Pencil Company was founded by the Sugitani family after it absorbed the assets of its bankrupted lumber customer the Tsukiboshi Pencil Company. Since then, Kitaboshi has been developing and manufacturing high-quality, unique Japanese pencils using two different perspectives: “one of an ant, to be able to look at small details like materials closely, and the other of a bird, to be able to see the whole picture.”

When current President Mr. Sugitani’s grandfather started the Kitaboshi Pencil Company, he said, “A pencil sacrifices itself to serve people. Both humans and pencils need cores.” From Kitaboshi’s unique wood cased Woodnote highlighters and wood cased Woodnote mechanical pencils, to their graded graphite pencil art tin, all of Kitaboshi’s products reflect the high level of quality that is at the core of the Kitaboshi brand.

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