Ode to Blackwing Revisted

Celebrating the Blackwing, Animation Style

One year ago today, the Palomino Blackwing 602 was introduced. That means it’s also been a year since Pencils.com founder Charles “WoodChuck” Berolzheimer penned, or rather penciled (I know, we use that one a lot), “Ode to Blackwing“, a fun and lighthearted poetic tribute to the history and revival of the 602.

Today, the Palomino website posted an animated version of “Ode to Blackwing” as drawn by talented cartoonist Gary Kopervas for the Blackwing Experience exhibit in New York last month. It is believed to be the first RSA Animated-style video produced in pencil. And of course, the animation is all done in Blackwing.

As we celebrate literature and poetry this month at Studio 602, we’ve launched a Poetry Slam contest on Facebook. Perhaps this video will provide a bit of inspiration.

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