Pencil Artist of the Week: Amy (Artlover-US)

This week’s featured artist is Amy, a pencil artist who goes by the handle Artlover-US on DeviantArt. Amy started drawing after she was bit by the creative bug while on a summer trip to Paris earlier this year. Since then, she has been drawing, learning and sharing her pencil drawings with the world through her DeviantArt profile, which is now loaded with pencil portraits that put growth as an artist on display.

Amy creates her drawings with a Staedtler 925-65 0.3mm drafting pencil. The pencil’s ultra-fine point allows her to achieve a fine level of detail in her drawings which, in turn, brings her drawings to life. Amy is particularly adept at recreating the eyes of her subjects, effectively capturing the emotion that is often lacking in the lifeless drawings of other artists.

I particularly like Amy’s drawing of Audrey Hepburn. The drawing features Audrey’s eyes, nose, mouth and signature bangs floating in space, but there is no question whose face they belong to.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Amy (Artlover-US)

Pencil Artist Artlover-US Pencil Artist Artlover-US Pencil Artist Artlover-US

If you would like to see more of Amy’s drawings, you can browse her DeviantArt profile here.

What do you think pencileers? Do you know someone who should be featured as our Pencil Artist of the week? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Holly
    Holly says:

    Fantastic drawing – it is amazing how strokes of black and white can depict a world of wonder. P.S. I am not certain whether I fall in love with the drawing or the person on the paper. :)


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