Pencil Artist of the Week: Robyn (Robydude)

This week’s featured artist is Robyn, a pencil artist based in the United Kingdom. Robyn’s DeviantArt gallery is filled with drawings of birds, dogs, and cats, but it was her horse drawings that gave Robyn the inside track to being this week’s featured pencil artist.

Robyn uses a 6B mechanical pencil to create her graphite drawings. As you browse around her gallery, you’ll also find some truly stunning pieces created using watercolors and gel pens. Alas, this is, so we’re going to keep our focus on her pencil work (though I do encourage you to check out her other drawings if you have the chance).

Most of Robyn’s pencil drawings are greyscale, allowing her to focus all of her attention on the details of the subject rather than the color. The results are pencil drawings that feature an impressive level of detail in everything from the shimmer of the subject’s hair to the reflection in its eyes.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Robyn

Pencil Artist Robydude Pencil Artist Robydude Pencil Artist Robydude

If you would like to see more drawings by Robyn, you can check out her DeviantArt profile here.

What do you think pencileers? Do you know someone who should be featured as our Pencil Artist of the Week? Sound off in the comments section below!

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