Test Your Pencil Knowledge

Pencil TriviaTest Your Pencil Knowledge

Every day through March 15th, we’ll ask a trivia question about pencils. And each day we’ll give a pack of Kitaboshi highlighter pencils and hardbound notebook to someone who answers correctly. At the end of the contest, one grand prize winner will get a full gross (144) Golden Bear premium testing pencils! If you don’t think you can use that many pencils, I’ll bet your favorite teacher can. The more daily questions you answer correctly, the more entries you’ll get into the grand prize drawing. Good luck!

Our Pencil Trivia contest has concluded and our daily winners have been announced! Stay tuned next week for the announcement of our grand prize winner!

Our Day 1 winner was Daniel!

Our Day 2 winner was Debra!

Our Day 3 winner was Missy!

Our Day 4 winner was Stephan!

Our Day 5 winner was Blake!

Our Day 6 winner was William!

Our Day 7 winner was George!

Our Day 8 winner was Tatiana!

Our Day 9 winner was Alex!

Our Day 10 winner was Sandra!

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