Do Scented Pencils Make You Smarter?

Get a higher G.P.A. without studying longer, altering habits, or spending extra time with the teacher. All a person has to do is change the pencil they are using. Does it sound too good to be true?

This is the outcome of a study creating waves in the collegiate community, also making an impact on all levels of students. A scented pencil has been shown to correlate with more than a full point increase in G.P.A.  This is the premise of a new study released by Raudenbush, a published inventor and doctor of experimental physiological psychology at the Wheeling Jesuit Psychology University.

The official story released can be found here.  Reportedly, university freshmen that used peppermint-smelling pencils several times a week showed an average G.P.A. of 3.2, while those that did not use them at all averaged a 2.1. Those that utilized the scent-emitting pencils only once a month even had an improvement over a 2.1 G.P.A., averaging a 2.4.

Although it may seem like a gimmick, the smell has connotations in the scientific community. Peppermint, along with lime, stimulates the brain and targets receptors responsible for heightened mental clarity and responsiveness located in the reticular activating system.

There will undoubtedly be follow-up studies to crosscheck accuracy. Regardless of future outcomes, there are other benefits to a scented pencil: blocking out the offensive cologne of a desk-mate, making a love note extra special, or surprising your boss or teacher with a scented document. These findings so far seem to fit in with my childhood dream of a good life; I can remember berry-scented markers’ popularity and wanting to use nothing else. If there is a chance this type of technology can increase mental agility, I know what kind of pencil I want elevator architects and engineers to be using.

For more info on which parts of the brain are affected during the process of smelling, check out this article.

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