Japan has long been known for the high-quality pencils and writing instruments, and much of that reputation is thanks to Tombow Pencil. Founded in 1913 by Harunosuke Ogawa, Tombow Pencil was one of Japan’s first pencil companies, a legacy that has seen many of Japan’s finest pencils bear the Tombow logo.

In 1967, Tombow launched its Mono 100 pencil, the self-proclaimed “highest-quality pencil of its time,” and two years later Tombow introduced the Mono eraser. More than fifty years later, Tombow is still introducing new and innovative products, pushing the pencil industry forward and evolving to keep up with the times.

Tombow’s Irojiten color pencil set is one of the most complete color pencil collections available, featuring ninety unique colors. The Irojiten set, which is the Japanese expression for “color encyclopedia,” was designed for the artist that knows and appreciates the difference between red-orange and orange-red, but also wants all of the colors in between.

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“Tombow’s Mono 100 Drawing Pencil is a world-class drawing and drafting pencil, which has been the gold standard among artists and animators.”

Journaling Arts

“The [Irojiten] pencil exteriors are beautifully made, with a white enameled finish and end caps matching the color of the pencil.”

Colored Pencil Studio

“They are superbly built and you can actually see that they are quality pencils. I sharpened every single one and the pencil points are strong and sturdy and resists breaking.”