8 Creative Instagram Profiles You Have To Follow

InstagramIf you haven’t joined Instagram yet, you’re missing out on a great way to pass the time while bored at work, between classes, waiting for the train, or waiting in mile-long lines at Disneyland. And, to make it that much easier to explore pictures of cats and Ecards, Instagram also now has a web client. To get you started, or to expand your horizons if you’re already a user, I’ll share with you a list of awesome creative profiles to follow on Instagram:

8 Creative Instagram Profiles to Follow

@beefcakepantyhose – Beck presents some amazing street art from Chicago, from graffiti to architecture. Follow this artist to keep tabs on the Windy City.

@alltheexcitement – Devon is a fitblogger at alltheexcitement.tumblr.com. Her instagram is full of pictures of delicious and healthy meals and fitness inspiration. Whether you’re a total gym rat or just looking to follow through on a New Year’s resolution, you should follow Devon on Instagram and Tumblr.

@delta_nine – Using an iPhone 4, Felipe Contreras brings you vibrant photos of subjects big and small, including plants, animals, skyscapes, and more. Follow him to see some incredible color/texture combinations.

@otherlessness – Garrett Daun’s specialty is dreamy, vintage-looking photography of both nature and objects. You’ll be hooked by his artistic use of light and shadow.

@itsgunnerd – Gunner Decker brings you beautiful photographs of a variety of subjects, including HDR images. He specializes in landscapes and nature photography, but you’ll also find pictures of architecture and animals in his collection. His pictures are characterized by bright colors and flawless composition.

@kiwiboy – A self-proclaimed “jedi master of HDR arts”, this artist posts beautiful HDR images of landscapes and buildings. If you’re looking for an artist that will take your breath away, look no further!

@venturaca – I follow Ventura, CA on Instagram because a new picture of my beautiful hometown is posted every day. Even if you’re not from Ventura I encourage you to follow it, or to follow your own hometown’s Instagram profile.

@pencilscom – Don’t forget to follow Pencils.com on Instagram!

You can follow me on Instagram as well – @thebarefootcowgirl – and tell us some of your favorite artists to follow in the comments.

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