is a whole lot more than a pencil store; though, we do offer one of the best pencil collections on the web, with an extensive and growing array of safe, high-quality options to fit every budget, taste and need.

Our Palomino featured brands include the famous Blackwing, premium Palomino, environmentally friendly ForestChoiceGolden Bear and Prospector pencils, notebooks and accessories.  We also carry a broad range of school, art and writing supplies from other leading manufacturers, including General’sFaber-CastellKitaboshiDerwent, and more.

Behind is California Cedar Products Company, the world’s leading supplier of wooden slats used in the production of wood-cased pencils. Our wood is used in Palomino’s writing products as well as many of the top pencil brands worldwide, including most of the wood-cased pencils sold on this site.

A fourth generation, family-owned company, Cal Cedar has been built on a tradition of excellence both in the production of superior products and in our dedication to building strong relations with our customers. When it comes to experience in the pencil industry, the family goes back seven generations.

We are dedicated to providing customers with excellent customer service. Head on over to our Contact Us page if you would like to reach out to us with any feedback or questions.

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