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An Introduction to California Cedar Products Company

If you have ever placed an order with us, you may have noticed that your credit card statement shows a charge from CA Cedar Products. California Cedar Products Company (also known as CalCedar) is Pencils.com‘s parent company, and also owns the Blackwing and ForestChoice brands. But who is CalCedar? Founded in 1917, CalCedar has become […]

May 1-7: Screen-Free Week and Children’s Book Week

Two great weeks in one! This week is both Screen-Free Week and Children’s Book Week. Screen Free Week Screen-Free Week is an annual, international celebration when families, schools, and communities swap digital entertainment for the joys of life beyond the screen. Instead of watching TV, surfing the web, or playing with apps and video games, […]

Drawtasticon 2017: A day of indie animation, art, and workshops.

Drawtasticon is a festival of art and animation that celebrates 2D animation. Drawtasticon will feature local indie artists, as well as 4 screening sessions that show original animated films from around the world.  There are three Award/Movie sessions in the evening. Festival guests Lawrence Ruelos and Dean Yeagle will be concluding two of those sessions […]

The Art of CursiveLogic: Now on Kickstarter

In January 2015, Linda Shrewsbury launched CursiveLogic on Kickstarter. The goal was to create a guide with simple lessons to help revive the dying art of cursive. CursiveLogic is an “innovative method that teaches the entire lowercase alphabet in four simple lessons.” Rather than taking the approach of repetition, CursiveLogic groups letters by shape. There […]

International Correspondence Writing Month 2017

Did you know that February is International Correspondence Writing Month? International Correspondence Writing Month (or InCoWriMo for short) is a challenge to hand-write and mail a letter, card, note, or postcard every day throughout the month of February. So how can you participate in InCoWriMo? It’s really easy! Just write some sort of correspondence to […]

National Handwriting Day: Why Handwriting Matters

Happy National Handwriting Day! Thanks to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, January 23rd is a day to celebrate handwriting. Since 1977, National Handwriting Day has been a day to celebrate and re-explore the purity of handwriting. There are many studies that show the benefit of handwriting. One popular noted benefit of handwriting is seen in taking […]

Pencil Artist of the Week: Theresa Finnelli

This week, we are happy to feature artist Theresa Finnelli. She draws adorable and cute characters that just brings a smile to my face. Here’s a little more information from Theresa herself: I love drawing fun and expressive characters.  I generally draw superhero type characters whom I’d love to see in a cartoon series one day […]