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Pencil Artist of the Week: Giulia Cortese

This week’s featured artist is Giulia Cortese, a pencil artist from Italy who creates color pencil portraits of sci-fi and fantasy icons ranging from Gandalf to Emperor Palpatine.  Giulia uses Prismacolor Premiere pencils for both her color and black and white drawings (she also occasionally mixes in some acrylic paints for her mixed technique pieces). […]

Blackwing Volumes – Vol. 725 – The Sunburst Pencil

Yesterday, Palomino announced the first Volumes limited edition Blackwing pencil, Vol. 725., exclusively to subscribers of the Volumes program. Today, it’s available to non-subscribers, and we have it here on Pencils.com. Below is an excerpt from the announcement detailing the story behind the pencil: “The Blackwing 725 pays tribute to [the] Newport [Folk Festival] as […]

Blackwing Announces “Volumes” Limited Edition Pencil Program

Yesterday, Blackwing announced “Volumes,” a limited edition Blackwing pencil subscription program. Blackwing also informed retailers that each edition will be made available to select retailers once the subscriptions have been sent out and while supplies last. That means, when the first edition is released on June 10th, we’ll have it right on Pencils.com for you to purchase. […]

Pencils.com 20 Year Celebration

Today is a very special day in Pencilnalia (If you get that reference, thank you. You’re the reason we’re here in the first place.). March 20, 2015 marks the start of Pencils.com’s 20th year in existence and we’re ready to celebrate. “How?” you ask? Read on to find out. 20 Years in the Making At exactly 12 noon on […]

A Look Inside the New Blackwing Packaging

Today, Palomino began shipping Blackwing pencils in their redesigned packaging, and that means we get to start shipping the new boxes to you! The new design signals a departure from the folding, carton-style box that has been used since the Blackwing’s revival in 2010, so we thought we’d take a closer look at the new Blackwing packaging. The Feel […]