Kickstarter Project: Slice Planner

“On The Mission To Bridge The Gap Between Paper Planner And The Digital Calendars” The goal of this Kickstarter product? To bring a product that will cleanly integrate a paper planner with the convenience of technology.  By using the free Slice Planner mobile application, you can easily transfer your schedule from the written page to […]

Range Stack

Kickstarter Project: Magno by HRIBARCAIN

  Matthew Cain, Hribarcain Co Founder says: “We’re a new company and we know our launch price must be competitive to get the ball rolling. We strongly believe making profit comes second to great design, so we’ve kept the first release of pencils affordable to make them accessible to a wide range of people” The […]

Jstory Introduces Jstory

We are happy to announce the newest product line to Jstory. Jstory was founded in 2006 and is based in Korea. They create notebooks, planners, and other stationery that are practical and pleasing to the eye. We discovered Jstory products at Paperworld, one of the biggest stationery shows in the world. Out of all the stationery […]


Pencils for Kids – Myanmar Mission Trip has been donating 5% of every purchase made on the site to a few organizations, one of which is an organizations called Pencils for Kids.  We have been a long time supporter for Pencils For Kids, which is an organization dedicated to helping children in developing countries.  Retta Jitner founded Pencils for Kids with the […]