A Closer Look at the Caran d’Ache Exotic Pencils Wood Box Set

A closer look at the Caran d’Ache Exotic Pencils Wood Box Set


Caran d’Ache’s Exotic Wood pencils are gorgeous, and their new limited edition wood box set gives you a gorgeous way to display them. This gift set showcases and highlights the superb craftsmanship that Caran d’Ache is universally known for.

Included in the gift set is a reissue of the highly coveted first Caran d’Ache Exotic Pencils set, which includes four pencils made from four different, unique woods. These exotic wood species include American Walnut, Titanium Oak, Macassar Ebony, and Lati Gris.

Although the pencils featured in the set are extremely unique and garner much of the attention, the carefully handcrafted wooden box that the pencils come housed in deserves a lot of the spotlight as well. The box is made of stunning walnut and is finished with a colorless wax, which helps preserve and protect the wood.

One of the fascinating details about the box itself is that it features a magnetic closing system that can be used to keep the pencils safe inside the box, or open for display. This magnetic closing system really gives the box set a distinctive yet diverse look as it gives the owner freedom to exhibit and showcase the product in which ever manner they desire.

Take a look at this video here to get a better idea of exactly how the box works and functions.

This box set is the ideal gift for someone who cherishes writing instruments of the highest quality and have a love for one of a kind craftsmanship. All of Caran d’Ache’s products have been made in Geneva since 1915 and they are world-renowned for their impeccable style when it comes to their products. This limited edition wooden box set is a perfect example.

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  1. gadani
    gadani says:

    Beautiful set !
    There is a refill for this set…. but I can not find it in your store… any plans to add it ? I am still looking for the original first edition …. Hope someone out there is planning to sell ….

    • Nick Sese
      Nick Sese says:

      It is beautiful indeed! We are waiting on a shipment to receive the refills for this set. I will reply again once we receive it! 🙂



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