Favorite Ways to Incorporate Pencil Drawings Into Home Decor

Is your home decor looking a little “sketchy?” Up the ante by integrating some hand-drawn pencil works into your room design. Pencil drawings have a warm, welcoming effect that makes them perfect for your coziest rooms—and high-quality pieces easily transform into a decor focal point, making it easier to organize your design into a unified theme. Here are some of the best ways we’ve seen homeowners use pencil drawings to transform ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind stunners.

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Use Drawings to Give Interiors a Rustic Feel

Pencil drawings by nature aren’t as formal as paintings and other pieces, which makes them a no-brainer for low-key rustic designs. We love the way this room echoes the drawing above using effortless style and graphite-colored pillows.

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Work Them Into a Gallery Wall in a Study or Reading Nook

There’s something about desks, reading rooms, and libraries that just cries out for the bookish beauty of hand-drawn pieces. A gallery of mismatched pieces in this study gives the space just the right amount of eccentricity to stir the imagination. When creating your gallery wall, lay out framed drawings on the floor before you hang them to give yourself the freedom to move things around.

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Or Use a Shelf Gallery to Add to a Neglected Hallway Wall

If you find the idea of hanging several works intimidating, a narrow shelf purchased from a homegoods store allows you to get the look—without feeling like your setup is set in stone. Black shelves and thick frames help to punctuate the delicate pencil works on this wall, transforming this forgotten hallway into an arresting and alluring stopover on one’s way to the bedroom.

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Play Up the Hominess of Your Living Room with a House Portrait

There’s no place like home—particularly when that home is decorated with appealing, heart-warming drawings of attractive homes and historic buildings. Against a white-washed panel wall with a few found objects thrown in for kitsch, this drawing is the welcoming centerpiece of a neutral gallery wall.

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Bring Modernist Verve to Older Interiors

With swirling lines and abstract inclinations, this pair of drawn portraits lends a very updated feel to this charming antique balcony, proving that there’s more than one way to do the black-and-white palette. No matter which way your aesthetic leans, a pencil work on the wall adds a note of sophistication and minimalism to any room—and decor like that is sure to draw eyes!

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    I love these ideas! These pencil drawing are beautiful and they fill a home with positive energy. I’m always looking for cool new ideas for home decor. I am totally inspired with your work. Thank you for sharing this.


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