Video Game Changer: An Atari Kid in an Xbox 360 World

Video Game EvolutionThe Evolution of Video Games

As you read this, some of you may or may not remember a time when video game controllers had one button and a joystick, a time when the now primitive graphics of Pac-Man were considered revolutionary.

At the risk of dating myself too much, I can honestly say that I can remember those more modest times in video game history. That’s right, I’m an Atari kid in an Xbox 360 world. But despite this fact, I’ve adapted quite well to the continual advancements in video games. I weathered all the console changes as best I could, the controller innovations, and most mind boggling of all, the increasingly vivid advancements in High Definition graphics.

Still, this doesn’t hide the fact that my son at age five is now better at video games then I ever was. I remember when we played Ratchet and Clank for the first time, or Little Big Planet (I’m a Play Station 3 fan, in case you were wondering), and as I saw him advance quicker than I did, I was impressed and even proud.

In fact, parents nowadays may be happy to know that video games may not be totally deserving of the bad reputation they held when I was a kid. In a recent article titled, “Why Video Games Are Good for Your Kids,” researchers found that, “A curriculum that involved digital media such as video games could improve early literacy skills when coupled with strong parental and teacher involvement.”

Where was this research back in the late 1980’s when I was trying to convince my mother that I should be able to play video games until my eyes bled? Oh well, lets hope that when I’m trying to convince my son to stop playing video games and do his homework he doesn’t run a Google search and pull up the article I just mentioned. Just try it, kid.

Also, video games are becoming more prevalent than ever before since finding a home on the web and on mobile devices via companies like Zynga and Pop Cap. These two companies, among many others, host millions of gamers each day, boast impressive graphics, and are part of the growing trend towards Social Gaming.

Palomino Fighter

Me Getting Pumped about this Video Game Post

Speaking of mobile gaming. The classic video game purist will be pleased by what Mashable reported in a recent article called, “15 Vintage Video Games You Can Play on Your iPhone.” According to Mashable, a welcome collection of titles from the video game past are now making their appearance on mobile devices.

Some of the titles include, Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog, and one of my personal favorites, Final Fight.

Also, in homage to vintage games of the arcade days, developers are finding creative ways to pay tribute to their gaming heritage. For example, a startup based in San Francisco called Pocket Change, is trying to retain the vintage feel of the classic arcade by providing developers with a tool to monetize their games via digital tokens for mobile games. So in some ways, everything is coming full circle.

What are some of your favorite Video Games past or present? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

“Palomino Fighter II”-Photo Credit via CameraWoman Photography: Follow @HKinzunza30 on Twitter

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  1. Mommy
    Mommy says:

    Your article took me back in time. Remember when we would walk to Marian drive-in to eat and you would play Street fighter? Sometimes I played it with you. We would hunt up more quarters so you could keep playing. You were so good at it. Thank you Son,for the walk down memorylane =^.^=


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