John Muir, legendary writer, naturalist and environmental activist, was a constant observer who always recorded those observations in a journal.

John Muir is known for many things but most notably the establishment of National Parks and his environmental activism. He co founded the Seirra Club and acted as the president of the environmental-advocacy organization for two decades. He had written 300 articles and 10 books in his time that documented his travels, his naturalist philosophy and discoveries.

ForestChoice John Muir Observer Journal

John Muir kept journals that include details about his travels, his life experiences that are recorded in both writing and drawings. The collection of these journals can be found in the John Muir Papers at the University of the Pacific.

The John Muir Observer Journal pays tribute to the wealth of information that he left behind and the process for which he captured things on paper. The purpose of this journal is to spark creativity and inspire people to observe like John Muir. The journal includes 16 pages of incredible images from his personal journals and other details that lend insight into his creative process. There are 144 blank pages where you can record your own observations.

The John Muir Observer Journal is a collaboration between the John Muir Center at the University of the Pacific and ForestChoice.

Be a Muir Observer. Sketch, describe and collect. Get your journal today. A portion of the proceeds from each journal will be donated to the John Muir Center and their effort to promote the study of John Muir’s work.