This is one of the most common sharpener related question I get, and I hope this blog post will help answer that. Let’s start off with a short Pro/Con list between the Masterpiece and Blackwing Long Point.

KUM Masterpiece Sharpener

KUM Masterpiece


  • Longer point
  • Removable automatic break, allowing the user to expose as much graphite as desired
  • Smaller size


  • No pencil shaving reservoir
  • Price – $14.95

Blackwing Long Point Sharpener

Blackwing Long Point Sharpener


  • Pencil shaving reservoir helps reduce mess
  • Large size makes it easy to hold
  • Automatic stop prevents over-sharpening
  • Price – $7.50


  • Long point not quite as long as Masterpiece

Point Comparison:

Sharpener-7 Sharpener-6

Which sharpener is right for you?

That really depends on what you are using it for as well as where you are using it. For someone who is on the go and sharpening for regular use, I would recommend the Blackwing Long Point Sharpener, as it has a shaving reservoir which can help prevent messes. For someone who is just looking for a solid sharpener without the bells and whistles, the Blackwing Long Point will get you a nice long point great for everyday writing and sketching.

For those who may have a more specialized use for their pencils, the Masterpiece offers a nice option of a removable automatic break. This allows the user to sharpen more wood on the first hole, exposing more graphite. This is great for artists who are looking to expose more graphite to get larger pencil strokes for shading and extended writing. The lack of a pencil shaving reservoir makes this sharpener better suited at a desk rather than on the go.

If you are still stuck trying to decide between sharpeners, go ahead and give us a call or shoot me an email, and I’ll be happy to talk about your specific needs and see what fits best. Send an email to Nick [at] and let’s talk sharpeners!

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  1. Dann
    Dann says:

    Thanks for the comparison. Of course an obvious answer is to get both! Can a pencil person ever have too much variety in sharpeners or pencils? One nice extra with the Black wing is that it comes with two spare blades.

    • Nick Sese
      Nick Sese says:

      Hey Dann! That is a great answer. I should also let you know that both of these sharpeners have extra replacement blades! 🙂


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