Luxury Notebooks On Sale September 26th

Luxury NotebooksLuxury Notebooks On Sale September 26th

Palomino is proud to announce that a new series of hand crafted notebooks from their Blackwing, Palomino and ForestChoice lines will go on sale exclusively to newsletter subscribers at midnight on Monday, September 26th. All items will be released to the general public the following day at and at select retail sites throughout the United States and Canada.

The week leading up the notebook launch, the blog “Studio 602” will feature special sneak previews of each notebook line. These previews will contain photos and video previews of each new product. The previews can be accessed here:

California Republic has developed these unique, high quality notebooks, journals and sketch kits in response to the growing popularity of its Palomino, Blackwing and ForestChoice brands in an effort to provide people with a complete creative experience.

“Great ideas can start in your mind, but in order for them to become a reality, you have to get them out of your head and on to paper,” says company president Charles Berolzheimer. “Our premium brands of pencils and notebooks will not only inspire great ideas, but help bring them to life.”

Aspiring writers, artists, musicians and pencil users around the world will be able to purchase these high end notebooks that were tastefully designed to combine modern technology, premium materials and traditional artisanship, perfected by generations of Turkish printers and book binders. Some items are available in limited quantities only.

Newsletter subscribers will receive an email on Friday, 9/23 with a special link to the presale. If you are not already subscribed to’s free monthly newsletter, you can do so here.

For information on carrying these products in your retail shop or store, contact us here.

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  1. Andy @ Woodclinched
    Andy @ Woodclinched says:

    Oooh — I can’t wait! They look really nifty. I’m especially interested in the Blackwing folio — I am taking a lot of notes in my new job, and the little elastic holder in my pretty leather folio is too big for pencils. I can’t wait for one that will fit my PB602s!

  2. Charles Berolzheimer
    Charles Berolzheimer says:

    Thanks Andy. The container arrived this morning. We’re out in the warehouse today getting everything organized, doing incomming inspections and receiving into inventory, etc.. Perhaps some photos to follow on Pencils Pages and Twitter later in the day. Fun stuff.

    • Charles Berolzheimer
      Charles Berolzheimer says:

      Sure Marc. Thanks for your interest. All the papers used in our notebooks are sourced from European producers in Spain or Italy. All are acid free with a nice ivory tone. Paper stock weights vary from item to item throughout our range. These will be provided on the individuaa product pages on the store. Also the packaging labels for all our CRS range products will note this information as well so our customers have this information available as we build our retail distribution.

  3. Field
    Field says:

    Just received Palomino Luxury Sketchbook & Folio cover. Beautiful all the way round. Can keep my pencils and sharpener in one place. A writer by trade, I don’t use unlined paper. Will you have Lined Block Replacements available anytime soon?

  4. Sharolyn
    Sharolyn says:

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