A little bit about M+R…

M+R, which stands for the two founders Alfred Moebius and Heinrich Ruppert, has been making premium products since 1922. Although Alfred Moebius was one of the original founders of M+R, it was actually the company’s forefather Theodor Paul Moebius, who was the first to manufacture sharpeners industrially.

Since then, M+R has continued Theodor’s innovative spirit as they are one of Germany’s top companies when it comes to innovation, design, and quality. They don’t take the slogan “made in Germany” lightly either as all of their products are produced in Erlangen, which is also known as the “heart of the European pencil industry.”

Today, M+R stands for “sharpening, cutting, and drawing,” as they are offer an assortment of products ranging from sharpeners for pencils, crayons and even cosmetic pens, to different types of paper trimmers, all the way to drawing instruments such as set squares, reduction measuring rods, anglers and rulers. The company has been family owned since the start and has not only been recognized, but has won multiple awards for their design and innovation when it comes to their products.

As their company slogan goes, “Sharpen your Senses” (and pencils) with these new sharpeners from the German based brand!


Our first sharpener we would like to introduce to you is the M+R Pollux Sharpener, which is a modern replacement for the vintage A.W. Faber Janus sharpener. This high-quality sharpener is made of solid brass and creates a strong concave point that resists breakage. The Pollux sharpener works best when you sharpen slowly as you get to the graphite, helping give you that perfect tip for all your creative needs.


M+R Sharpeners

Just like the Pollux, the M+R Studio 2 Hole Brass Wedge Sharpener is also made of solid brass. However, this sharpener features two different sized holes making it versatile enough to sharpen both standard and jumbo sized pencils.


The last sharpener we would like to dive into is the M+R Battery Operated Sharpener. This sharpener is a desktop pencil sharpener that can sharpen both graphite and colored pencils. An interesting aspect of this sharpener is that the blades rotate around the pencil, producing a medium-length point.