Pencil Artist of the Week: Mogodore J. Bivouac

I’m really excited about the pencil artist this week: Mogodore J. Bivouac. With a name that is as fun to say as it is to spell, he sent us a great pencil drawing he made with a Palomino Blackwing of — excitingly — a Palomino Blackwing with a face. We especially love how the eraser clip’s edge makes a great curl, as if his eraser top was hair.

We love personifications of our products here. Just take a look at the short animation of a Palomino pencil we have on YouTube or our Twitter avatar, which is our mascot, “Mr. Pencil”.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Mogodore J. Bivouac

Pencil Artist MJ Bivuoac

No idea what we should name this little Blackwing guy yet. What do you think? Let us know on Facebook, or drop us an email.

Also, check out the artist’s DeviantART page for more of his great works.

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