Pencil Artist of the Week: Sarah Melling

We don’t want to be copycats, but as soon as we saw Sarah Melling‘s artworked featured at one of our favorite blogs, Pencil Revolution, we knew we had to have her here for our pencil artist post.

Sarah said that when she bought these chestnuts to draw, they reminded her of something:

“Those round, dark hulls coming to a point at furry tufts remind me of little hedgehogs. (And the fact that they grow in spiky outer coverings just adds to their hedgehoginess.)”

(Click here to read the whole post!)

Work by Pencil Artist Sarah Melling

Pencil Artist Sarah Melling

Be sure to check out her website for more great drawings. She takes part in Illustration Friday, so it looks like you’ll see a lot of fresh content from her!

Thanks, Sarah, for letting us share your work on our site!

(Image copyright Sarah Melling 2011. Used here with permission.)

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