Introducing MTN & RevMark Markers


Montana Colors New Water-Based Paint Markers are all kinds of fun

  MTN Colors:Wood

Montana Colors has been revolutionizing the street-art world since 1994, and their water-based markers are some of the most innovative to hit the market. These markers lay down vibrant, saturated color that dries with a matte finish and is completely waterproof. One other interesting aspect of these paint markers is that they are formulated with low odor, water-soluble resins that work extremely well for fine arts, wall art, and woodworking.


MTN Tips

These MTN markers come in an 8-pack and are offered with two different size fine tips, which are either 3mm or 5mm. You also get a wide range of colors to choose from making it perfect for creating an assortment of art projects.

Another option for these markers are the metallic set which come in a pack of three. This specific marker set includes one metallic silver, one metallic gold, and one matte black marker. A fun fact about the silver and gold markers is that they have a shimmery metallic sheen when dry.

MTN Metallic 3 Pack                     MTN Metallic

Even shaking these markers is a whole load of fun as it gives you a similar feeling to shaking a spray paint can. All you have to do upon first use is press the tip down onto your canvas to activate the marker and you’re all set to go.

Another marker we’ve added to our collection is made by RevMark, which is widely known for making high-quality, durable markers that can be used for every day common use to heavy-duty construction work.


RevMark makes life easier with their patented reverse clip concept
RevMark Markers

Our new RevMark markers, which come in a pack of two, are perfect for those people who need a quality marker that will not only last, but also be easy to keep track of. The cool thing about these markers is that they come equipped with a unique cap that clips onto your pocket, belt, or uniform, making it easily accessible whenever you may need it. This unique cap allows the user to quickly grab and use the marker with one hand instead of having to use both, making life much easier.


Another interesting thing about these markers is that they feature an industrial tip that helps keep the point sharper longer. The ink works on most surfaces such as stone, pipe, and tile, which is another useful benefit of these markers and shows how universal they really are. But one surface that these markers work especially well on is wood, making it the perfect writing tool for contractors and carpenters.

The high-quality ink that this marker comes with is fade-resistant and is made in the USA. One other fun fact about this marker is that you can leave the cap off for up to 72 hours and the ink will not dry out like most markers.



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