The first product from Blackwing we would like you to get familiar with is their new pencil pouch. For this item, Blackwing collaborated with the craftsmen at Bradley Mountain to create a pencil pouch designed specifically for Blackwing pencils. 

Pencil Pouch

This pouch is hand-crafted in San Diego, California and is constructed of black Martexin waxed canvas and oiled leather. It features a heavy-duty Talon zipper and can hold up to a whopping 24 unsharpened Blackwing pencils. This item is the perfect place to store and house all of your Blackwing pencils.


Next on our list, is Blackwing’s new Pearl notebook collection which features three different options. First, we have the Blackwing Pearl Slate Notebook which contains over 160 pages of high-quality 100GSM paper and a durable duel-sewn binding. This notebook also has a wear-resistant matte white hardcover, a canvas spine and unique pencil holster that comes loaded with a Blackwing Pearl pencil so you’re ready to get going the moment it arrives in your hand.

The second new notebook from Blackwing is the Pearl Summit Notebook. The Summit notebook also features 160 pages of  100GSM paper sewn between a matte white soft cover. This notebook gives you plenty of space to accomplish whatever your work may require as the Summit measures 7.5in x 10in when closed and 15 x 10in when open, so usable workspace is the least of your concerns with this one.

The Blackwing Pearl Clutch Pocket Notebook is the last notebook in the collection and the cool thing about this one is that it comes in a set if three. The Clutch notebook has 48 pages of the same high-quality 100GSM paper and features a durable yet flexible white matte cover. This notebook is more on the compact side as it measures at 3.5in x 5.5in when closed but its clamshell layout gives you an impressive workspace of 7in x 5.5in.

All three of the notebooks in the Pearl series have the option of coming in ruled, blank or dot grid paper, which gives you the freedom to choose your canvas based on your preference.     


Last but not least, Blackwing also released a whole array of erasers that can come in a variety of different colors. These replacement erasers come in a pack of ten and allow the user to give their Blackwing pencils a unique, custom look. The available colors include black, white, pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, red, and grey. So go ahead and give your Blackwing pencil a look that represents you and your creative drive.