Pencil Artist of the Week: Justin Jenkins

This week’s featured artist is pencil artist Justin Jenkins, a surreal artist who plays with color, form and shape to create pencil drawings that unlike anything we have ever featured on And, considering, we have profiled over 100 different artists, that’s saying quite a lot.

Justin began drawing at the age of six. By age eight, he was hosting his first exhibition at the Dayspring Gallery in Saratoga Springs, NY and selling his first original lithograph. In 1989, Justin was accepted into the graphic design and advanced drawing programs of West Virginia University. It was here that he began to develop his unique style.

After college, Justin continued to develop his identity as an artist by creating murals, acrylic compositions and pencil drawings. He worked as the full-time web Designer, web master, and artist for former World Chess Champion and Chess Olympiad Gold Medalist Susan Polgar and designed the cover for the Mayor’s Cup Super Chess Tournament — the highest rated round robin tournament in United States history. Justin’s Chess Collection features some of his most well-known works, including The Concealed Fate of an Imminent Surrender, a piece that was signed by all of the top players at the Mayor’s Cup.

Justin was kind enough to share some insight into his creative process:

“When I sit down to create a work of art, the structure of the composition becomes a critical component of my analysis of the subject I am creating. As the work progresses, color becomes a unified part of this creation and symbolizes the grand beauty of life in all its majesty and divine inspiration. For me, color can be a dance across the shapes and forms like the musical tones of a song. It unifies everything and creates a harmonic exploration that is balanced between the communication of shapes and forms… I want the piece to not only make one think, but to feel the passion and spirit of the overall idea and subject…”

Drawings by Pencil Artist Justin Jenkins

Pencil Artist Justin Jenkins Pencil Artist Justin Jenkins Pencil Artist Justin Jenkins Pencil Artist Justin Jenkins

If you would like to see more of Justin’s drawings, you can check out his website Imaginative Pencil.  You can also follow him on Twitter at @jjenkinsartist.

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