Pencil Artist of the Week: Juan Rivera

This week’s featured pencil artist is Juan Rivera, an illustrator and graphic designer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even though most of his professional work is in the digital medium, he still finds time to sketch, draw and doodle in his sketchbook.

The subjects of Juan’s drawings range from robots and bananas, to comic book characters and pop-culture icons. His sketches manifest themselves in a style that is unique, featuring a brand of animation that is completely his own (see his take on Spider-Man and Watchmen’s Rorschach).

In addition to pencil art, Juan’s portfolio also features pen drawings, digital illustrations, logos and advertisements, each possessing his distinct style. If you want to see more of Juan’s pencil sketches or the rest of his portfolio, check out his Behance profile here. Or, to see more of his drawings posted throughout the week, follow us on Tumblr!

Drawings by Pencil Artist Juan Rivera

Pencil Artist Juan Rivera

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