Pencil Artist of the Week: Mark Langley

Our pencil artist this week hails from the UK, specifically Belper, in Derbyshire, England, and goes by the name of Mark Langley. His works are created using a combination of graphite pencils and color pencils, and feature subjects that range from animal portraits, to architectural and transport studies.

Every piece of art Mark creates contains an astounding amount of detail. From the crumbling bricks that comprise the studies in his Details from Derbyshire collection, to the fur, eyes and even gums of the animals in his portraits, no element is left unrepresented. In fact, his animal portraits are so detailed and realistic that, much like his architectural and transportation studies, each portrait is more like a study of the animal’s form than a simple representation of the animal.

This extreme level of detail is achieved through a creative process that starts behind a camera. Only after taking numerous source photographs and studying them extensively does Mark begin to hand draw every individual hair and fiber that constitutes his subjects. The result is art that is all at once clinical, thoughtful and beautiful.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Mark Langley

Pencil Artist Mark Langley

What do you think? Have you ever conducted a study of something through art? Share your stories, and thoughts on Mark’s work, in the comment section below!

To see more of Mark’s work, visit his website or follow Mark on Twitter.

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