Pencil Artist of the Week: Mohammed Abbagana

This week’s featured pencil artist is Mohammed Abbagana, a Nigerian artist who has gained a large following on Twitter with his breathtaking pencil art. His Twitter bio states, “My life is all about taking my pencil for a walk and the marks it leaves behind.” It just so happens that Mohammed’s pencil leaves behind marks in the form of works of art.

Mohammed got into drawing at the age of five. He began copying the images found in his favorite Japanese manga, and was quickly able to faithfully reproduce any image put in front of him. He only started taking art seriously a few years ago, but he has consistently been turning out impressive pencil sketches, drawings and doodles ever since.

Most of Mohammed’s drawings feature the human form or face in one way or another, but the style he uses to recreate his subjects varies from drawing to drawing. Some drawings are created in a hyper-realistic style that mirrors a photograph, while others are created using a more abstract style that elicits a specific feeling or emotion. In each case, Mohammed’s skill with a pencil is readily apparent.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Mohammed Abbagana

[slider][pane]Pencil Artist Mohammed Abbagana[/pane][pane]Pencil Artist Mohammed Abbagana[/pane][pane]Pencil Artist Mohammed Abbagana[/pane][pane]Pencil Artist Mohammed Abbagana[/pane][/slider]

If you want to see more drawings by Mohammed, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. He posts each new drawing to his feed as it is finished.

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