Pencil Artist of the Week: Neil Dvorak

This week’s featured pencil artist is Neil Dvorak, and he is a comic writer, penciler and illustrator all rolled into one. His comics are short and sweet affairs that deal with the challenges and adventures of everyday life. He employs a minimalistic drawing style and dry humor that blend together perfectly, creating comics that are both humorous and engaging. Here a brief bio written by Neil himself:

“I’ve been keeping a sketchbook of ideas my entire life.  Working for the first 27 years of my life as a traditional fine artist I found that around 1% of the ideas being written down in the sketchbooks would come to fruition as a finished piece of art.  Upon discovering comics in 2008, I realized that this wonderful, beautiful medium could express many more of the ideas floundering in my sketchbooks.  The challenge now becomes, if at best 1 in 50 of these ideas are even worth developing, and if I am now (via comics) able to develop them all…which ones do I develop!?  Join my struggle at Easy Pieces comics.  Find ALL the answers you are looking for!

Neil in no way guarantess that any questions will be answered, or even that any questions will be asked.  Thank you.” 

Drawings by Pencil Artist Neil Dvorak

Pencil Artist Neil Dvorak

If you want to check out more of Neil’s comics, you can do so at Or, you can check back into our Tumblr page throughout the week for more updates!

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