Pencil Artist of the Week: Nicole Hamilton

This week’s featured pencil artist is Nicole Hamilton, a self-taught photographer and pencil artist with a background in graphic design. Nicole started out like most artists, sketching cartoon characters from TV, movies and comic strips in her spare time at school. Unlike many desktop doodlers, however, Nicole took the next step and turned her hobby into her profession.

Nicole’s first drawing was of the Tasmanian Devil and, at first, she was a bit hesitant to begin drawing human figures. Lucky for us, she overcame her fear of recreating the human form and discovered that she possesses the ability to create some very lifelike pencil portraits.

The subjects of Nicole’s drawings vary from people and pets, to celebrities, cars and building studies. She also has an entire gallery on her website dedicated to Star Wars pencil portraits, which is awesome in my book. She accepts commissions for portraits and even has a section of her website devoted to explaining how to pick the perfect picture for your portrait.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Nicole Hamilton

Pencil Artist Nicole Hamilton

If you want to check out more of Nicole’s pencil art, or if you want to contact her about commissioning a pencil portrait, you can do so on her website.

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  1. Augustina
    Augustina says:

    I am looking for someone to do a charactor sketch of a friend of mine his last name is Wiley and he is a big collector of Wiley E cyoty he just got a big break in the music he is a DJ and produces his own house music I am looking to get a sketch of Wiley E Coyety with head phones and tune tables. Can you help me?

    • Alexander Poirier
      Alexander Poirier says:


      Thanks for the comment. Most of our featured pencil artists accept commissions. If they have a website, the link should be included at the end of the post. Find an artist whose style you like and send them a message (I’m sure they won’t mind the business!).



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