Pencil Artist of the Week: Nikira

This week’s featured pencil artist is a notebook sketcher and Palomino Blackwing 602 user from New York. Her name is Nikira, and her brand of in-the-moment sketching has the ability to transport you onto the subway, into an apartment in New York or wherever Nikira happens to find herself when she is compelled to draw.

The subjects of Nikira’s sketches vary depending on her surroundings. The pages of her sketchbook can be found filled with portraits, people studies, landscapes and cityscapes, each done in a style that is both rough and refined, as well as incredibly unique.

In addition to pencil drawings, Nikira’s sketchbooks also contain ink drawings and even paintings. Despite the limited size of her canvas, Nikira captures even the smallest details of her subjects, regardless of the medium in which they are represented.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Nikira

Pencil Artist Nikira

If you want to see more of Nikira’s work, you can check out her blog here, or stay tuned to @pencilscom on Twitter for more updates throughout the week!

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