Pencil Artist of the Week: Anne Keenan Higgins

This week’s pencil artist of the week is Anne Keenan Higgins.

Anne Keenan Higgins began a career as an art director in advertising but after developing her signature whimsical style she began licensing her artwork to the greeting card, gift and book publishing industry. Anne is one of a handful of artists working with Papyrus on the Taylor Swift gift line and has illustrated over 100 book covers. She continues to work with clients around the world including Scholastic, The Children’s Place and Hachette Book Group. Her first book, Fictionally Fabulous released in April 2017,Ladies Who Drink is releasing September 2017, and she is currently working on her third book, Le Cinéma Français. Anne lives in a small town just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

You can get her books through Running Press Publishers.

If you like her illustrations, check out more on her Instagram @annekeenanhiggins and website for more:

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