Pencil Artist of the Week: Brandi Kincaid

As with last week’s Pencil Artist of the Week, we are featuring another illustrator.  Brandi Kincaid is our featured Pencil Artist of the Week.

Here’s a little more about the artist:

I am an illustrator living in Bellingham, WA who justifies my seemingly unused MA in literature by telling stories with my daily drawings. I devote an hour a day to the practice of drawing, and I love to use that time to record the world around me, which sometimes means trying to make sense of it all with a little humor and a lot of details.  Though I’ve been playing with new forms of drawing lately, including other materials, pencils will always have my heart. There’s nothing more grounding than the analog act of paying attention to the world around you, then sketching it out with lead on paper. Plus, I think I will always be soothed by the soft sound of my Blackwing’s on the page.

These kind of sketches are far from perfect, but they capture moments in time that I get to keep (in those piles that distract me), and I love that about this practice.

You can find more of her work through these links below:

Check out her awesome illustrations below:

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  1. Marilyn Liddle
    Marilyn Liddle says:

    I love this idea of devoting time each day to observation and recording. Love your drawings. There truly is something soothing in getting away from electronic devices back to the simple pencil and paper tools. It’s like handwriting in a journal, or cooking by “feel” or singing without the radio on–pure voice–pure attention on the inner idea as the brain feeds it to you. I am glad I looked here.


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