Pencil Artist of the Week – Jono Dry

Jono Dry, is a self taught artist, based in South Africa, who creates breathtaking works that explore the realms of hyperrealism and surrealism. He brings his imagination to life with a pencil and paper, and its hard to tell if it’s a drawing or a photograph.

Jono shared in an interview with ArtBookGuy, that his process starts off from a photograph that he uses as a reference image and then manipulates it as he’s working on it. His artwork is handmade but starts of with a photoshopped image to which he brings to life with graphite.

Surrealisms limitless approach is what attracts Jono to the artistic style, and this is evident in his work. To learn more about Jono Dry visit:

Instagram: @jonodry


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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    No replies? Are you kidding me? This man’s talent and artistic ability should be written about in every newspaper and major magazine around the world. Such a God given talent should be touted and acknowledged for the revelation that it truly is.


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