Pencil Artist of the Week: Lynn Spoor

This week’s featured pencil artist is Lynn Spoor, a painter and pencil artist from the Netherlands who creates pencil portraits that are so realistic, you’d swear they were photographs.

Lynn was an artist at an early age, drawing and painting on anything and everything she could get her hands on. She started with the walls of her playpen, but soon migrated to the huge swatches of paper in her nursery school. Today, she has taken her artistic talents to the professional level, creating commissioned pencil portraits on A3 paper for clients around the world.

In addition to her commissioned pencil portraits, Lynn also creates paintings and digital drawings for her own creative fulfillment. She also posts all of her works in progress, along with some personal musings, on her blog.

Drawings by Pencil Artist Lynn Spoor

[slider][pane]Pencil Artist Lynn Spoor[/pane][pane]Pencil Artist Lynn Spoor[/pane][pane]Pencil Artist Lynn Spoor[/pane][/slider]

If you want to see more of Lynn’s drawings, you can check out her website and blog here. You can also follow Lynn on Twitter and like her on Facebook to get a bigger pencil art fix.

What do you think of Lynn’s pencil art? Sound off in the comments section below!

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