Pencil Artist of the Week: Nathan Anderson

This week’s pencil artist of the week is Nathan Anderson. Similar to a previous Pencil Artist of the Week, Nathan likes to sketch into small notebooks.

Here’s a little bio from the artist:

I am an engineer living in Seattle, WA. I keep very busy with work and family, but I’m always looking to squeeze out some time to make art. Drawing has been my favorite medium since I was a child, and I still feel something magical about the novel simplicity of a pencil and fresh sheet of paper. They are basic tools that can be taken anywhere and have the power to create beautiful images. It’s great to sketch in coffee shops or bars and observe the scenes of everyday life unfolding around me, but with my responsibilities at home I typically make time for art by staying up late and drawing with reference photos. While the subject matter varies from urban environments, to wildlife, to abstract figures, I’m most passionate about capturing the human form. Watching a drawing transform from basic shape to a fully rendered, emotional face is an addictive high that I hope never gets old.

Lately I’ve been inspired by Dust Bowl era photographers and their powerful images of desolation, survival, and hope. Capturing the worn faces and subtle expressions of hardship challenges me to become a better artist.

Most of the art I make is just for me, but I also enjoy creating drawings by commission, typically in charcoal. Feel free to check out some of my work on instagram or contact me at

Check out his work below:

img_2931 img_2932 img_2930 img_2935

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  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    I love what you say about the simplicity of pencil and paper. It’s what I’ve told my sons all through school in this age of obsession with computers, start with pencil and paper. Steve
    Faces are the most difficult, really good work.


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