Pencil Artist of the Week: Theresa Finnelli

This week, we are happy to feature artist Theresa Finnelli. She draws adorable and cute characters that just brings a smile to my face. Here’s a little more information from Theresa herself:

I love drawing fun and expressive characters.  I generally draw superhero type characters whom I’d love to see in a cartoon series one day and enjoy drawing characters (most often with friends) in everyday scenarios with some exaggerated features. Commercially, I am an interactive media artist, but I always prefer to start my work traditionally with pencil and paper. I love the tangible feel of the pencil against the paper and no matter how evolved technology gets, it can’t seem to replace that feel for me. I generally work very loose with my sketches as they seem to retain more expressiveness in my strokes. My more finished pencil sketches I later ink and color.  I always carry a sketchbook with me and am always doodling throughout the day. While I do art because I truly enjoy it, I hope that those who see my art also appreciate it, even if it just puts a small smile on their face. 

Take a look at her awesome characters below, and make sure to check out her Instagram @teesafinn

drawing1_theresafinnelli drawing2_theresafinnelli drawing3_theresafinnelli drawing4_theresafinnelli drawing5_theresafinnelli drawing6_theresafinnelli drawing7_theresafinnelli kitkat_theresafinnelli

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