Pencils can be an affordable luxury

The Los Angeles Times recently featured an article, “New paper and pen collections to help you write in style“. They listed several different products that let you express yourself through your writing tools, including a platinum plated pencil sharpener, John Lennon special edition pens, and expensive premium letterpress stationary.

Judging by the sheer number of fountain pens and other writing paraphanalia sitting around my desk, this article doesn’t have to tell me twice. I’ve known this for a long time. But only in the last five years or so did I realize what the most affordable luxury item I could get was — pencils.

Take our new Palomino Blackwings. Although their ancestor, the Blackwing 602, has become a rarity and therefore out of most people’s price range, our new, in-production Palomino Blackwings give you an experience and a performance, with dark lines and buttery-smooth writing, for less than $2 per pencil. Of course, there’s no platinum or diamonds encrusted on it, but it’s pretty darn stylish.

Stop on by the storefront and give the Blackwings a test drive! They’re smooth and stately as any Rolls Royce.

Photo by Patrick Ng from Scription.

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