THE Prospector STORY

The new millennium brought with it changes to the ways our children are taught and evaluated. Standardized tests became the norm, and complaints from teachers about the pencils in the hands of our students began piling up. Off-centered, broken leads and pencils with poor sharpening performance were wasting valuable class time, and something had to be done. Enter the Prospector pencil.

Introduced in 2002, Palomino’s Prospector pencils feature centered graphite cores that resist breakage and basswood casings that sharpen evenly and easily. They were designed from the ground up with teachers, students and parents in mind, and their superior performance in the classroom when compared to other budget testing pencils is a testament to that design.

Palomino moved production of these pencils to the United States in 2012, giving teachers, students and parents an affordable, high-quality, American-made testing pencil option. With so much emphasis being placed on standardized tests, high-quality testing supplies are more important than ever. Shop our selection of Prospector pencils and find out why quality pencils matter.




“High quality, affordable, long lasting pencils.”

A Year of Jubilee Reviews

“This pencil has been a pleasant surprise, and has actually made me reconsider my biases.”

Pencil Revolution

“At less than $.15 each ($.13 to be exact), these pencils offer excellent quality while not breaking your budget.”