Quick Tip to Keep Your Pencil Points Sharp in Your Pencil Cup

Points up or points down?


There are many pros and cons to keeping your pencils in a cup with the points up vs. points down.

Some people who keep the point down do so to easily identify the graphite grade on the pencil.

Those who keep their pencils with the point up may do so to protect the points from breaking, or keep them from getting their mug dirty.

For me, I can sometimes be pretty clumsy, and reaching into a pencil cup with sharp points pointed upwards can be dangerous.

Here’s one quick, easy, and virtually free way to keep the points from breaking if you store them point down.

We ship our boxes with biodegradable starch-based packing peanuts. Add a few of these to the bottom of your pencil cup and they will allow you to store your pencils point down in your pencil cup. They are soft enough that they don’t dull the pencil points.


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  1. Peter Henderson
    Peter Henderson says:

    On my desk, the cup is for pens, highlighters, and cheap pencils. My good pencils have pride of place resting gently on their sides on my desk. Labels are visible, and the points are not in peril.


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