The Right Replacement Blades for Your Sharpener

“Which replacement blade should I get for my sharpener?”

Sharpener replacement blades come in different sizes, and it may be confusing which replacement blades go into your sharpener. Often, the blades may look like they fit, however, some blades may be 1mm shorter, which would make it nearly impossible to get your pencil sharpened using them.

Here at we have 4 available replacement blades:

KUM Automatic Replacement Blades

KUM Automatic

The KUM Automatic Replacement Blades is used for the following sharpeners:


KUM Standard Replacement Blades

KUM STandard

It’s safe to say that the KUM Standard replacement blades works on almost all the other KUM Sharpeners. The KUM Standard Replacement blades work on the following sharpeners:

M+R Replacement Blades


The M+R Replacement blades works for the M+R Brass Sharpener.

Caran d’Ache Sharpening Machine Replacement Cutter


The Sharpening Machine Replacement Cutter works for the following sharpeners:

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