Sharpening Your Knowledge: Dreams About Pencils

Pencil DreamsSharpening Your Knowledge: Dreams About Pencils

Here at, we live, eat and breathe all things pencils. If you are anything like us (and we’re guessing you are), you probably do the same. You may even sleep pencils from time to time. If you’ve ever had a dream about a pencil, you no doubt woke up a tad confused. Could it simply be that your love of pencils has carried over into your REM nightlife? Or is there more to it? Today, we hope to help you answer these questions as we look at some of the secret meanings that may be behind dreams about pencils.

To be honest, there is no universal interpretation of the appearance of a pencil in a dream. Some online dream dictionaries claim that seeing a pencil in your dream indicates that you are making some sort of impact in a situation. Others maintain that the pencil signifies the end of a relationship is approaching. Others still make a more literal interpretation and contend that the pencil is a symbol of power and creative expression.

Each interpretation has its own reasoning and merits, but the pencil as an object is not the only factor that is used when interpreting the appearance of a pencil in a dream; sometimes, the use of the pencil can tell you more about the dream’s meaning than the pencil itself. One online dream dictionary states that a dream about sharpening a pencil means that you should broaden your way of thinking. Another interpretation claims that dreams about writing or drawing with a pencil are more about the text or image than the pencil itself.

It is important to note that the ideas presented by dream dictionaries are in no way the be all and end all of dream interpretation; ultimately, the interpretation of your dreams is up to you. So, the next time you wake up from a strange or interesting dream about a pencil or anything else, pick up your favorite pencil, jot down any details you can remember or draw a few dream inspired doodles and, when you have some free time, explore your dreams and the expression of your subconscious.

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  1. Barry
    Barry says:

    actually, i had a dream about eating colored pencils, they tasted sweet, like… the wood was the flavor of graham crackers, and the paint on the outside was like a candied shell, and the inside was almost a chalky candied center. all in all, it was pretty nice


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