Blackwing Pearl

Creative Ways to Use the Blackwing Pearl

Friends and fellow pencil-heads, I am obsessed with the Blackwing Pearl. Now, my obsession with pencils is well documented on this site (where was the Pearl last year when I was crafting my pencil-themed Kentucky Derby chapeau?), so the fact that I am geeking out over our newest addition to the Blackwing family should come […]

Blackwing Pencils

Palomino Introduces Blackwing Pearl Pencil

Palomino Introduces “Balanced and Smooth” Blackwing Pearl Pencil Yesterday, Palomino announced the Blackwing Pearl pencil, a new addition to their family of Blackwing pencils, notebooks and accessories. The pencil will be available for purchase here at on May 2nd. It promises a “balanced and smooth” graphite performance that falls in between the “soft and […]