Does Chaos Breed Creativity?

Three scientifically valid experiments were conducted to see the affects of chaotic surroundings on peoples’ decisions and ideas. This study is not proposing that disorganized people have these characteristics, but is focused on when an individual is placed in the setting. The intention of the experiment designers was to determine what qualities were valuable for […], #Blogchat & Creative Writing is proud to announce that we are the sponsor of this month’s #Blogchat! For those of you who aren’t familiar, #Blogchat is a weekly discussion held every Sunday night at 8pm Central. The discussion takes place on Twitter, with participants using the #blogchat hashtag to discuss different blogging topics based around a monthly theme. […]

“Diebenkorn, the Berkeley Years” Makes Appearance at DeYoung Museum

Richard Diebenkorn on Beginning a painting [Video] Richard Diebenkorn’s exhibit made an appearance at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate park, in September. The exhibit of Diebenkorn’s artwork from his years at Berkeley included some of his best paintings and sketches, making it a particularly captivating look into Diebenkorn’s creative process. On the gallery […]

Artwork Inspired by 9/11

The Art Inspired by September 11th, 2001

Creativity is often born out of the ashes of tragedy. Modernism took its form in the wake of World War I, the Beat Generation in the shadow of the Bomb, so it comes as no surprise that the tragedies of the past 15 years have inspired art as well. Twelve years ago today, the United […]

Famous Notebook Users

Six Famous Notebook Users

If you’re an active reader, you know that we frequently advise keeping a thought notebook or journal around to keep track of daily activities and ideas, and we do so with good reason. Research has indicated that keeping a notebook handy can actually improve a person’s creativity. While the research is fairly new, people […]

Boost Your Creativity

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

As an artist, there’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank page with a blank mind. Thankfully, there are ways to boost your creativity. Some claim working backwards can help, others say a messy desk is the secret to unlocking the creative recesses of your brain. If working with your shoes on backwards and […]

Blackwing Pearl

Creative Ways to Use the Blackwing Pearl

Friends and fellow pencil-heads, I am obsessed with the Blackwing Pearl. Now, my obsession with pencils is well documented on this site (where was the Pearl last year when I was crafting my pencil-themed Kentucky Derby chapeau?), so the fact that I am geeking out over our newest addition to the Blackwing family should come […]