How to Choose Your Drawing Paper

How to Choose Your Drawing Paper

An artist’s materials are essential to their craft.  For those that work with drawing mediums – pencil, charcoal, watercolor, ink, pastel – paper is vital to creating of lasting work. Having trouble finding the right paper for sketch work, tracing, or the final piece of your portfolio?  This post will detail the different properties and […]

Does Chaos Breed Creativity?

Three scientifically valid experiments were conducted to see the affects of chaotic surroundings on peoples’ decisions and ideas. This study is not proposing that disorganized people have these characteristics, but is focused on when an individual is placed in the setting. The intention of the experiment designers was to determine what qualities were valuable for […]

Calvin and Hobbes

American Cartoon Pencil Heroes

Cartoonists are able to express emotions behind life experiences and conjure reactions with simple means.  Hand-drawn figures can elicit laughter, anger, melancholy and the desire to just see more. The list of power players below outlines the American cartoonists who have made a lasting impact through the form of drawn expression. Top American Cartoonists (in […]

Pencil Artist of the Week: Noémi (littlebori)

This week’s featured pencil artist is Noémi, an art student, photographer and, you guessed it, pencil artist from Hungary. The breadth of Noémi’s skill with a pencil is incredibly broad, allowing her to create everything from animation-style sketches to hyper-realistic anatomy studies. Regardless of the subject, all of Noémi’s drawings bear the mark of a […]