Pencil Artist of the Week: TheFlyingMagpie

This week’s featured artist is a DeviantArt user and pencil artist who goes by the handle “TheFlyingMagpie.” TheFlyingMagpie’s DeviantArt gallery is filled with sketches of animated characters, wildlife and pets, but it’s his recently posted drawings of classic American cars that jumped out while we were browsing his gallery. TheFlyingMagpie’s car drawing series currently features […]

Pencil Nail Art Tutorial

Fancy nails are all the rage these days, and what better way to stay on-trend than with super cute pencil nails? Just follow the steps below! Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at anything crazier than making each  nail a different color, so bear with me if my results are a little on the messy […]

Pencil Artist of the Week: Noémi (littlebori)

This week’s featured pencil artist is Noémi, an art student, photographer and, you guessed it, pencil artist from Hungary. The breadth of Noémi’s skill with a pencil is incredibly broad, allowing her to create everything from animation-style sketches to hyper-realistic anatomy studies. Regardless of the subject, all of Noémi’s drawings bear the mark of a […]