Palomino Announces

Yesterday, Palomino announced the launch of their new Blackwing-focused site (as well of a very interesting new notebook, but more on that later). The site is aimed at fostering the culture of creativity, innovation and excitement surrounding the Blackwing pencil. It will feature articles, videos and profiles of creative people and their processes, and […]

Introducing Palomino Imagine Series Pencils is excited to announce that we are now carrying Palomino’s Imagine Series pencils. These high-quality pencils feature the premium finish and smooth HB graphite core that you’ve come to expect from Palomino, and are available in 10 different lacquer colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, grey, white, silver and gold. Palomino Imagine pencils […]

Sketchbook Video Preview from Palomino & Blackwing

Blackwing and Palomino Sketchbook Preview Today, founder Charles Berolzheimer is previewing a highly anticipated new line of sketchbooks from both Palomino and Blackwing. Just click on the image above for an inside look at perhaps the most unique items in our new line. The Palomino sketchbook was the hit of the National Stationery Show in […]

Palomino Notebook Video Preview

Palomino Notebook Preview We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post highlighting the new Blackwing luxury folios. Today, California Cedar Products president and founder Charles Berolzheimer is introducing our new Palomino luxury notebooks and flex sets. Just click on the image above for an inside look at the newest members of our Palomino family. The Palomino […]

Notebook Evolution

Notebook Evolution As we approach the one year anniversary of the introduction of our Palomino Blackwing pencil we are nearing the next step in the evolution of the Palomino and Blackwing product ranges as we get set to introduce our first series of journals, sketchbooks and notebooks.  In addition, we’ll also be complementing our ForestChoice FSC […]